February 21st, 2012

show some insta-love

So I was browsing through Instagram today (add me!: gepriley) and realized I have a recurring theme. I clearly have an obsession with pretty, tasty food & my lovely, furry family members!

Oh, and a chair we bought for our living room! It’s a recliner…amazing, right? It doesn’t look like a typical recliner! We also replaced the artwork in my office that I posted about before. The picture before just didn’t cover enough of the electrical box for my taste, so we moved it and replaced it with this taller painting that we spotted at HomeGoods. Perfect colors; great find!


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  • Ellie said:

    Oh my gosh- I love the hearts in the spaghetti! That was such a good idea. Are those hearts made out of cheese?

  • grace said:

    Yes! Haha…chicken parmesan is his favorite, so for Valentine’s I made that and then cut out mozzarella hearts to put on top. Cheesy, I know! (in more than one way!)

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