February 8th, 2012

rome wasn’t built in a day

You may not know this about me yet (if you don’t, you will), but I am a very organized person. I like for things to be neat and in their place, and I live and breathe ‘to-do’ lists. I have a list for work, a list for grocery shopping, a list for gift-giving, and my biggest list right now is the list of ‘to-dos’ for the house, categorized by floor and by room. (Yes, I’m a little crazy OCD…don’t judge!)


I love my lists because I get so much satisfaction as I cross out each completed task; but with this many lists growing faster than I can cross things off, I’m becoming more overwhelmed than ever. And here’s another thing about myself: I stress out. A lot.

I realize that the key is to prioritize, and I do try to prioritize to the best of my ability. But then there’s always really important deadlines for work, the house is a mess, laundry is piled up beside the hamper, plus I have a million and one projects going at one time…so I shut down until I can clearly think through what needs to happen and how to most efficiently get it done.

Maybe I need to get one of these to remind myself to slow down a bit?

Finch & Hawk    //    Modern Emotive


So, what’s next?
Lunch. I’m starving.
Then work projects, a meeting, more work…then maybe trying to convince my hubby to put up the drapery rod over the sliding glass doors in my office? Or maybe head to Benjamin Moore to pick up a few more cans of paint?

What’s on your list??

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