January 20th, 2012

three cheers for pompoms!

Before Christmas, while we were still trying to unpack boxes, I decided to have a little crafty fun. On Pinterest I kept seeing all these cute crafty projects with yarn pompoms, so I just had to do a few myself.

Well, a few turned into about 20 in one afternoon. They’re addicting once you start making them…and kind of relaxing at the same time. So, using a long embroidery needle, I strung them all on a long piece of yarn to make a garland for our stair-rail. It would also be great over a fireplace mantel.

The best part about these is that they’re SUPER easy.

To make pompoms of this size, just take the yarn color of your choice and wrap loosely around four fingers (you don’t want blue fingers!), about 60 times. Gently slide the yarn off of the end your fingers and tie a piece of yarn (about 4 inches) around the center very tightly, making a bundle of loops. Now, with a pair of sharp scissors, beginning cutting through the loops and trim ends as necessary to make them as even as possible all the way around. Roll pompom around in your hand to fluff, and voilĂ ! Instant cuteness!

You can also vary the size of your pompoms by wrapping around fewer fingers, or even using a fork for smaller poms; try wrapping around more or less times, too!

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