January 24th, 2012

before/after: console table

When we moved into our new house, a friend of my mom’s let us know that she had found a console table that she thought we might like. And by found, I mean she¬†literally found¬†it sitting on the curb while walking her dogs in a snowstorm! She went home and took her husband’s BMW Z3 convertible (with the top down!) out in the storm to beat the trash truck and snatch up the table. Apparently it was quite a scene! But I’m sure glad she did it and was so sweet as to think of us!

Here is the table before. Filthy dirty, kind of wobbly and the paint job looked as if someone tried to put stain on top of the paint and left globs and drips in various spots on the top and legs. But, overall, it was in pretty good shape.

After the hubby tightened up a few bolts to remedy the wobbliness, I spent a couple of hours scrubbing and sanding. Next I took a couple of cans of satin black spray paint to the table and had an instant makeover!


I absolutely love it and think it is just perfect in our front hallway/foyer! It’s amazing what a little elbow grease and a can of spray paint will do!

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