February 13th, 2012

So a couple of months ago we had quite the adventure in getting appliances (namely a refrigerator) up the staircase to the second floor of our house. It has a horrible turn in the middle, with only half a landing, and is really narrow. Took three tries, three sets of delivery people, having the general manager of Best Buy on speed dial, and a husband with more faith in all of the above than I did, to finally make it happen!

In the process, we removed the handrail (three times?) and at some point, to make a couple more inches, hubby decided it would be a good idea to remove the windowsill on the window in the middle of the stairwell turn. He looked at it for a while and believed it had been off before…until he had it ripped off the wall and realized…nope. That should not have come off.

Well, it may have helped us with getting our beautiful appliances, but I’m sure he’s been tired of my griping over the missing windowsill for months.

After a lot of sanding, patching, painting and learning to use a nail gun, yesterday my windowsill returned!

Honestly, it looks even better than it did before (moving definitely took its toll). And now I’m really excited to get the stairwell painted and get rid of that yellow! (It’s the little things, I tell ya!)

Yesterday was 20 months since our wedding so hubby said it was an anniversary present.:) I couldn’t be prouder of him for this and all of the other projects he’s always doing around the house that I bet he never imagined he’d have to figure out how to do. I love this guy.

February 9th, 2012

To follow up from yesterday, I am happy to report I got to check a couple of things off of my list last night! My wonderful husband was able to be coerced into hanging a drapery rod (I believe this might be his least favorite thing to do, although he has also recently been tortured by hanging blinds – I’m sorry honey!!).

In the quest to turn my office into a more functional, inspirational space, I have a long way to go! But a good start has been made.:)

(previous owner’s furnishings)

The walls have been painted a MUCH better, more neutral color (BM Edgecomb Grey is my go-to neutral because it works with EVERYTHING, warm or cool colors) and, as of last night, I now have a little more privacy and pretty-ness thanks to some clearance drapes and a colorful piece of art to somewhat hide the unsightly electrical box.

What do you think? More to come!

January 30th, 2012

Another big decor change for us in the new house took place in one of the smallest spaces…the powder room!

Our powder room is located on the second floor between the living room and kitchen. It is a place that many guests will see, but is not always a room that many people think about when decorating their home. I decided I wanted to make a big impact in a small space, so the result was bright, modern look!

We erased all of the drab, and made some small, but impactful changes. The biggest change is obviously the paint color! I chose a dark teal (BM Casco Bay) to make a big impact. The door to the powder room is usually shut, but I wanted a fun pop of color when someone opens the door!

Another big change came with the mirror. Another before/after project, this mirror was found by one of my good friends at an estate sale. I had long been searching for an ornate oval mirror and she found the perfect one! I cleaned it well and spray painted it with a glossy white so that the frame would be a big contrast against the darker wall color.

I also painted a small corner shelf (found at an antique shop in Elloree, SC, last summer) with the same glossy white. It still needs a few pieces of decor to adorn its shelves…I’m thinking a hot pink peony in a tiny glass vase. (It had a few colorful vintage Christmas ball ornaments last month, but they have since been packed away.)

We also replaced the hardware with a brushed nickel finish (door knobs and hinges, an oval towel ring, new TP holder, TP storage), and added a fun striped hand towel and decorative soap dispenser. I also want to replace the faucet…but that’s still to come. In addition, we replaced the light fixture shades and I painted the the fixture frame to make it a brushed nickel-type of finish to match the rest of the hardware.

I love the result and think it adds a little bit of fun to a sometimes-forgotten space!

January 25th, 2012

Today is one of those days where I feel inspired to DO something, to create something…to just take my mind off of the everyday work at hand and enjoy a quiet project. It’s been a crazy work week and…what? It’s only Wednesday?!

I’m sitting at my desk with a cup of hot tea and a sleeping dog at my feet, looking all around the room trying to decide what to tackle next. My office needs a complete makeover. We painted this room before we moved in, but that’s about all that’s happened in here. I have temporary drapes up to have some privacy and my desk is covered with work computers and notes and paper…then there’s the hubby’s desk covered in tools and projects that had to be put on pause when we moved. The laundry is also down here, as well as a few boxes yet to be unpacked.

I have a blank canvas: white Pottery Barn desk, armoire and bookcase, and BM Edgecomb Grey walls.

This space needs life! I spend a lot of my days here now that I am able to work from home a few days during the week and it is just screaming for a creative touch. I need this space to make me feel inspired! Plus, I want to have a place designated to fun crafty and sewing projects too. You know, for those days like today!

Here are a few of my inspirations:

Better Homes & Gardens

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

homemade grits

Home Decorators


Deming Design Studio

Apartment Therapy


Maybe my problem isn’t so much that I don’t know what to do…maybe it’s that I want to do everything at once!
Any suggestions?

January 24th, 2012

When we moved into our new house, a friend of my mom’s let us know that she had found a console table that she thought we might like. And by found, I mean she literally found it sitting on the curb while walking her dogs in a snowstorm! She went home and took her husband’s BMW Z3 convertible (with the top down!) out in the storm to beat the trash truck and snatch up the table. Apparently it was quite a scene! But I’m sure glad she did it and was so sweet as to think of us!

Here is the table before. Filthy dirty, kind of wobbly and the paint job looked as if someone tried to put stain on top of the paint and left globs and drips in various spots on the top and legs. But, overall, it was in pretty good shape.

After the hubby tightened up a few bolts to remedy the wobbliness, I spent a couple of hours scrubbing and sanding. Next I took a couple of cans of satin black spray paint to the table and had an instant makeover!


I absolutely love it and think it is just perfect in our front hallway/foyer! It’s amazing what a little elbow grease and a can of spray paint will do!

January 16th, 2012

Since my husband and I moved into our first house about three months ago we’ve done a lot of updates, despite the holidays putting our home renovations on pause.

(Ha! You can still see the 'Sold' sign in the front yard in this one!)

One of the biggest challenges so far had to be the kitchen. To say it was ‘blah’ is an understatement; builder-grade everything with a sink too shallow to wash a pot in, and a dishwasher and oven that broke within a month of moving in.

New beautiful granite countertops, new (ah-mazing) undermount sink and faucet, all new appliances and a couple coats of paint later…ta-da!

I LOVE it! We are planning to refinish the cabinets in the spring, when the weather is more cooperative for some outdoor drying time. In the meantime, I think the difference is night and day.

And these appliances are my new best friends! Oh yes…this range is not only beautiful, but it cooks some delicious dinners! In fact, I may just have to share a few recipes soon.

We’ve got plenty more projects in the works, partially completed, and still on the to-do list. But that’s the beauty of having our very own house! We are doing what we want and learning as we go…and enjoying every wonderful (and sometimes frustrating) moment!