February 13th, 2012

it’s back!!

So a couple of months ago we had quite the adventure in getting appliances (namely a refrigerator) up the staircase to the second floor of our house. It has a horrible turn in the middle, with only half a landing, and is really narrow. Took three tries, three sets of delivery people, having the general manager of Best Buy on speed dial, and a husband with more faith in all of the above than I did, to finally make it happen!

In the process, we removed the handrail (three times?) and at some point, to make a couple more inches, hubby decided it would be a good idea to remove the windowsill on the window in the middle of the stairwell turn. He looked at it for a while and believed it had been off before…until he had it ripped off the wall and realized…nope. That should not have come off.

Well, it may have helped us with getting our beautiful appliances, but I’m sure he’s been tired of my griping over the missing windowsill for months.

After a lot of sanding, patching, painting and learning to use a nail gun, yesterday my windowsill returned!

Honestly, it looks even better than it did before (moving definitely took its toll). And now I’m really excited to get the stairwell painted and get rid of that yellow! (It’s the little things, I tell ya!)

Yesterday was 20 months since our wedding so hubby said it was an anniversary present.:) I couldn’t be prouder of him for this and all of the other projects he’s always doing around the house that I bet he never imagined he’d have to figure out how to do. I love this guy.

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