March 13th, 2012

Boston is a place I never seem to get tired of visiting for work, but I really look forward to one day traveling up there with my hubby for a fun trip so we have more time to explore and enjoy what the city has to offer. We lucked out last week that the weather wasn’t TOO cold for a New England winter, but by the end of the evening, once the sun went down, I was pretty much freezing and ran back to the hotel to make myself presentable for dinner. As much fun as I think it would be fun to live there sometimes, I just have to remind myself that I am not a cold-weather girl.

Either way, it’s a beautiful place to visit!

March 12th, 2012

So I know I’ve been a bit absent lately: lots of work travel equals not much time for blogging (or anything else really!). Last week I was in Boston (and the suburbs of the city) and I had the rare opportunity to spend a couple of hours exploring downtown with my camera. I don’t normally have much of any down time when I go on these trips, so I was pretty excited to put on some comfy shoes between work events and wander around a bit. I took WAY too many pictures and am having a hard time narrowing them down to share, so I’ll do a few today and a few tomorrow – OK?:) Consider yourselves lucky that I am not posting all 227!

February 27th, 2012

Today was a busy Monday after being on work travel last week in Jacksonville. Not that I didn’t love the 80 degree weather, but I think I have quite possibly the worst travel luck of all time.

Coming home on Friday, I was supposed to connect in Atlanta with 45 minutes to get from one flight to the other. While sitting on the runway waiting to take off in Jacksonville, we find out that the weather in Atlanta has taken a turn for the worst and the plane starts heading back to the gate. Apparently a storm caused the Atlanta airport to close and we had to go and sit and wait and wait and wait until we heard they reopened. That added about 2 hours to the travel time. Which also caused me to missed my connection flight home. Of course.

So the next flight home didn’t leave for another 4.5 hours, which meant more sitting and waiting…and reading…and playing iPhone games…and then sometime Friday night I finally made it home! My sweet hubby went out and got me a Panera salad and mac & cheese before I completely passed out on the couch with my puppy dog curled up on top of me. Aww. He missed his momma. And nothing makes me more thankful for my beautiful home and my wonderful husband than being away and missing them to death!

I have another trip coming up, but for now I am just happy to be home.

By the way, if you don’t think that qualifies as bad travel luck, I have also been stuck on the tarmac on a plane with faulty brakes that couldn’t take off, taxi or be towed back to the gate for more than 4 hours with a terribly loud noise blaring at us (only to have no option in the end but to convince the rental car company to give me a car so I could drive back home) AND I’ve been on a plane in the air that was struck by lightning. No joke.

February 6th, 2012

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

After a few days of being house-bound, we decided we needed a day trip on Sunday to Fredericksburg, Va. for The Big Flea. There’s another one in DC in March that we may try to check out too (I hear it’s usually a big deal!).

Anyway, we didn’t luck out much with our finds (too much costume jewelry for sale for my taste), but we did see a couple of fun things.

I got caught searching through a box of zinc Ball jar lids. Typical.

Inside the radio. Somehow this thing still works (not so sure about the paper towel roll).

Shiny Brite mecca. Too pricey for me, though!

And, of course, we took a trip Downtown to check out our regular favorite antiquing spots and grab lunch. We were bummed that our go-to Fburg lunch spot, Goolrick’s Pharmacy was closed on Sunday, but we were pleasantly surprised by Eileen’s. We had a couple of yummy sammiches and this tasty California slaw (garbanzos, limas, avocado deliciousness).

And we might have brought home a couple of irresistible pastries, which we enjoyed during the Super Bowl commercial show. Not too shabby!

January 18th, 2012

So this is coming a little late, but forgive me…it’s been a busy month!

On Christmas Eve, hubby and I visited Colonial Williamsburg with my parents for the afternoon. We needed to pick up a couple last minute gifts at the nearby outlet stores (and maybe a few snacks for ourselves from Harry & David…yum!), so we thought we would go into town so I could take a few pictures with my early Christmas present (LOVE my camera from my hubby!).

The colors of this door with the contrast in the wreath and the warm lighting…love.

I spent most of my life before college in Northern Virginia so this was definitely not my first trip to Williamsburg; in Virginia, school field trips tend to be in places like this, Jamestown and various locations in DC. (We were very lucky to be so close to these places!) But even so, the beauty of it never gets old. And I love feeling like we’ve stepped back to a simpler time, even if only for an hour or so.

Please forgive the photo dump…I narrowed it down the best I could!